Palak Saluja AKA Artemis

Sr. Operations Manager

Palak Saluja is known to domesticate the wild albatrosses. She weaves a magical web with her words and gives a significant meaning to the graphic designs at Socialeyes. Palak has a fiddling foot and one shall never see her sit still at her seat. She’s a daydreamer with a pragmatic approach to things. She keeps everyone on her toes at Socialeyes and never settles for anything less than perfection. A Rastafari at heart, Palak wishes to travel and explore the hidden gems of the world. She’s a doting dog parent and loves her dogs from the bottom of her heart. She’s a strong believer in Karma and leaves no stone unturned in seizing every opportunity that comes her way.

Palak Saluja AKA Artemis
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