Sonali Bist AKA The Kohinoor

Sr. Content Writer

Sonali is the backbone of Social Eyes.

A Fauji wife, she plays with her words and brings the faintest designs to life. With an impeccable command over her language, Sonali is very verbose and fluent with her words.

The woman makes everyone’s work at Social Eyes as easy as ‘ABC’. She is an empathic and a strong headed woman who manages work and her home with a perfect balance. She is both a devoted mother and a wife.

Sonali shares a deep love for dogs and the very mention of a dog brings a wide smile to her face. A fan of William Ernest Henley, the woman is indeed self-driven and self-sufficient. Sonali loves to bake cakes in her free time and also pampers her colleagues with the same.

Sonali Bist AKA The Kohinoor
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