Hashtags and how to best use them for your business

Hashtags and how to best use them for your business

You might have come across this latest buzz on social media platforms, we merely knew as counting notation known as the pound sign, at the down corner of our mobiles and telephone keypads to call back the person you last called as well as other services.

However, hastily moving to year 2007, when Christopher Reeves Messina, an American technology evangelist and open source advocate, dropped an idea on social media in august 2007, the tweet emerged something like this:

screenshot of chris messina's first ever tweet about hashtags

Famous Tweet by Chris Messina

These seven characters written with the sign of  ‘#’ brought a noobie trend on social media platforms, propounding to adapt the implementation of hastags to gather, classify and index similar discussions and topics to target identical users having similar interest.

The founder of twitter, Evan Williams, expressed to Messina that he didn’t actually think that hashtags would gather such favourable reactions because of their technical approach.

Well the rest is history!



And how far we’ve come!

The hashtag began to pick up the pace during 2008 and 2009, twitteratis started becoming attuned with use of hashtags. From political figures to celebrities, to brands and frequent users, everyone is surfing the wave of this online trend.

Over time other social networking sites have adopted hashtags as well. Such as Google, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram have implemented hash tagging feature to their sites, with no less success.

hashtags are important in most social media forums these daysRecent social networks that came into the loop of hashtags are instagram and big ole’ Facebook.

It took awhile for Facebook to catch up on this on-going craze. As twitter, Facebook also provides a unique URL for each and every hashtag that you and your intended audience can get connected with.

Whereas Instagram has added numerous features such as hashtagging locations; where public posts with similar tagged location could be easily found, categorizing posts with similar hashtags is tremendously beneficial to identify and follow users.

Recent trending hashtag #onenationonetax, Since GST  has rolled out in India, where people are sharing reviews, opinions and reactions over this major reform, a perfect example to validate the significance of #hashtag the Internet leader for every trend, info, discussions and the crazy, crazy world of social media!


Social media has become an essential constituent for Brands to advertise and target the right audience. Moving and shifting the whole perspective how marketing is done. Providing insights on what your targeted customers are interested in and what they are currently talking about. Whereas, customers can reach and get acquainted with brands and products they are interested in more effortlessly.

As business world is rapidly growing day by day, it is of utmost importance to turn up the notch on digital marketing strategies of companies, with towering competition out there, only ones with the effective techniques to attract customers is winning the game!


Hashtag Do’s and Don’ts



  • Be specific
  • Tailor your hashtag
  • Pair your hashtag with images
  • Short and more discoverable
  • Relevant
  • Choose unique yet trending hashtags



  • Excessive hashtagging
  • Cliche hashtags
  • Misleading
  • Long tail hashtags
  • Irrelevant
  • Abusing trending hash tags by over using


HASHTAGS and how to use them to level up your game!

From various articles, websites and even apps entirely dedicated to spread knowledge about this social media bustle, there are various ways you can use them for your own ends.

Apps such as Instatag, Focalmark, HashTags and many more will totally get your hashtag game going, you can choose from various sections you want to post about.

Whether it is business, marketing, fashion, food, holidays, travel, entertainment, photography, every hashtag right up your sleeves!

Find what works best for you, what hashtags are actually pushing your content up on search bars and voilà!


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