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We’ve been working with Social Eyes, that gives equal opportunity to men & women irrespective of their castes & religions to work without being ‘Judged’ on how they are as an individual.

Me too

Me too

Recently in one of our campaigns, without taking a STAND – “Do we support it” Vs “Do we not support it”; we just shared smiles with it, and we ended up meeting the real society that is all about giving their opinions, taking sides, constantly gossiping real world that actually makes victims feel like victims.

We know how sensitive the movement #MeToo is. We also empathise with the victims who have buried their agony inside them all this while.

We also applaud their courage to come out of the closet. In a world full of vultures where women are violated with lewd comments and roving eyes, we make a world
for them where they can fly as happy as a lark and breath as freely as they want to.

We gave #MeToo a different perspective and we feel blessed that the women at Social Eyes are fortunate enough to not be the #MeToo Women. When they were seen #SMILING alongside the hashtag – #METOO they were continuously waiting for us to fall either side – “Do you support it?” OR “Do you not support it?”.

Let us tell you what we support here.

When people see a hashtag like #MeToo – they are either waiting for a “MEME” or “A SAD FACE”. Smiles are often considered ‘offensive’, so is a woman who is living happily after an incident she survived.

We support ” #MeTOO ” because this is the first time women are voicing out, and we do not support “#MeToo ” as a reason to feel miserable,  because this society that’s busy proving us RIGHT OR WRONG has not yet opened up with smiles to embrace a woman who has gone through a “Me Too” incident, which makes her be Happy again.

Let’s create a world where women have the ability to move on with their lives, where people don’t have an opinion on the opinion of others. Where Rape doesn’t go unchecked because of people who are busy proving it as ‘RIGHT OR WRONG’.

OF COURSE, IT’S WRONG, but we don’t have to be “SAD” for a life that has many more years to live happily. Let the smiles flow “UNCHECKED”. We also believe that the show must go on. Let us not choose sides and rather embrace #MeToo with an open mindset.

#MeToo – Calls for a change, a change bigger than just talking about it. We need the a society that let's women talk freely about what they have been through right when they go through it.

Posted by Ashutosh Sharma on Monday, 15 October 2018

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