Second Innings | A Career Re-Launch Program of Social Eyes

When your professional-self is a hazy memory, it’s hard to feel capable of picking up your career where you left off – whatever your reason for taking a break and whether it’s been 1 year or more than a decade.

And to top it, there are dilemmas of a second career.

Has the gap in service brought down my employability?

Will I now have to work for people younger and less experienced?

Will my 9 to 9 work-life disturb all that I created during my sabbatical? Such questions and more, keep you awake and wondering, don’t they?

And if there’s one clarity, that is :

I want to do what I will enjoy, I don’t want the stress of  a high pressure job, I want a work -life balance, I want ‘Me’ time!

Welcome then to Social Eyes, where we not only empower you to start a great career, but also get introduced to the newest corporate arena of digital marketing.  Reach out to us via a small form and if shortlisted, we will invite you for a formal round of interview.

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