You can SEAL our office, not our passion

The recent MCD Sealing in New Delhi might have shaken us, but our passion wasn’t stirred.

At Social Eyes, not only do we work hard to achieve our mission of becoming India’s best digital marketing agency, we also do work hard to exist and do some meaningful business.

‘Ease of Business’ might only be the name of a program by Indian Government, but their inability to come to rescue for SMBs is not only a threat to us, but a threat to the entire economy.

There can be protests, there can be peace marches, but while you spend your time in all of those unproductive tasks, who will make sure that you still stay in business?

While all of the above sounds pessimist, business knows just one rule – #SURVIVAL of the fittest.

Thinking positively, In less than a month, moving to a new world is what we focused our energies to and following is a proud story video created to share our pride.

I’d like to thank the team who will henceforth be known as the Founder team of our newest pursuit.

Vani Wadhwa (Manager Operations) ; Sayan Dhar (Art Director); Bhawna Vijay (Sr. Creative Designer); Mohit Verma (Assistant Manager); Vishal Bisht (Video Editor) ; Vishrut Kalra (Content Writer) ; Shreya Sharma (Content writer); Sankalp Arora (SEO Expert) ; Vandana Dara (Marketing Intern) ; Shweta Chouhan (Creative Designer); Mutuyi Swuro (Creative Designer); Sadhvi Nayyar (Sales Executive), Apurva Sahi (Manager Sales).

Without the support of an entire team willing to get out of their bed every morning to travel additional miles, it wouldn’t have been a battle worth fighting. We overcame all obstacles without losing a single team member.

With what we outlived, I’m now confident that we can conquer the world together!


Ashutosh Sharma
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